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A Creative Way to Clean a Tricky Surface!


We recently spoke with one of our wonderful, loyal clients and she gave us a great little tip on how she cleans her wicker patio furniture.  For any of you who have wicker and rattan furniture, you know how tricky it can be to get into the nooks and grooves to give it an honest cleaning – not to mention a well-earned conditioning. If you don’t, it starts to look dry, dirty and dull. You [...]

Everyday Cleaning with No Build-up


Don’t you just love those convenient products that ‘spray’ or ‘pump’ and ‘wipe’ on?  So easy to use! And it looks great for a bit.  You are feeling immediate gratification!  Look how nice and clean that looks!  But over time, or as the house warms up, that shiny surface will soften, dust will fall and stick, and then you will use your ‘convenience’ product again and again and the cycle continues.  Spray, soften, dust, spray, [...]

Milsek Uses from A to Z


Antlers. Antiques. Baseboards. Bar Stools. Bug Remover Cupboards. Ceiling Fans. Chairs. Dashboards. Doors. End Tables. Elevators. Football Helments. Granite. Golf Clubs. Grill. Guitars. Guns. Hinges. Hair Stylist Chairs. Heat Rings. Instruments. Jewelry Armoire. Kitchen Appliances. Leather. Log Homes. Motor Cycles. Night Stand. Office Furntiure. Outdoor Light Fixtures. Picture Frames. Pianos. Quartz. Rims. Railings. Stainless Steel. Shower Doors. Shoes. Tires. Teak. Tar Remover. Ukulele. Vinyl. Violins. Wood Floors. Water Marks. Wrought Iron. Xylophones. Yachts. Z-Bed  

Shiny Stainless Steel


Regrets? Hey – life is full of them.  But the decision to purchase Stainless Steel appliances doesn’t have to be one! There is a hero among us.  It’s Milsek One-Step Stainless Steel Cleaner - and it will wipe away more than just finger-prints and smudge marks.  It will erase all of your fears on your decisions to modernize your kitchen with that sleek stainless appearance. Go forth with confidence.  Buy the appliance.  Everything will be [...]

Cleaning Hardwood Floors


Your floors can take a daily beating.  They experience large and little feet traffic, cooking and pouring spills, and furry paws in and out of the house every single day. Life.  It can be messy. Let us help you shine it up a bit by keeping those hardwood floors looking their very best with Milsek Furniture Polish & Multi-Purpose Cleaner.  We recommend our Original Lemon Oil or our Orange Mandarin (depending on your mood and [...]

Sun Damage


There is a lot of good in that Vitamin D which streams from that bright star in the sky.  And a lot of money and research goes into how beneficial the sun can be to our health and psyche. More than likely, even more money has been spent on how damaging those rays can be to the human skin. But we in the furniture care business also have a concern about how the sun can [...]