Which Room Do You Need Cleaned?

Traditional designed kitchen with wooden cabinets and granite


Milsek is most popular for the magic it can do on kitchen cabinets.  The kitchen can be a tough room to keep clean.  It usually gets the most abuse from cooking heat, food splatter, foot traffic and spills.  It’s where everyone gathers!
antique square


That wonderful, unique piece which has been handed down from generation to generation – You love it, because it has a story.  And if it could talk – my oh my what it would have to say.
car dashboard


What?  A furniture polish in the garage?  Yes, you heard right.  Because, Milsek is not just for furniture!  Many of our loyal clients have written us hundreds of testimonials on the unique ways they use Milsek.
Hobby Room

Hobby Room

Ahhh “the man cave” – “the crafty space” – “the hang out”.  It’s where we entertain, let our hair down, and dream a little dream.  Memories are made here.  So in this room, we have a product for the things you treasure.

Living Room

The place you go to relax and let the stress of the day fall away.   The last thing you want to notice is dust or a sticky wax build-up on the surface of your furniture.  Milsek with Lemon, Orange, or our fun Holiday Oil – with their warm, inviting scents – is a wonderful way to take the stress of the day away.